LeeAnna TN01-32431680

LeeAnna is an incredibly sweet, thoughtful, funny, and caring young lady. She is intelligent and excels in school. She enjoys going to school and she has a piggy bank where she is “saving money for college.” She has talked most about wanting to be a teacher, a doctor, or a veterinarian, but she talks about other ideas too! LeeAnna is creative and loves to play games. She loves games like Guess Who, kids Monopoly, Candyland, matching game, puzzles, and crossword puzzles. She enjoys playing outside with her bike, scooter, running, sidewalk chalk, baseball, and playing with friends. She also enjoys doing gymnastics. She likes to be active and to stay busy. LeeAnna is a joyful child with an infectious laugh. She loves to be with people and makes friends easily! LeeAnna is very social and would be described as an extrovert.