Lea is a kind, tender-hearted young lady. She is really easy to talk to and loves to be around others. She wants to make sure that everyone around her is taken care of. Lea runs track and cross country for her school. Her Christian faith is very important to her and she is very mature in her faith. Lea loves to build Legos and play card games. She loves to run, and it is very therapeutic for her. She is very willing to help in any way she can. Lea is interested in becoming a gym teacher when she gets older. She is a great communicator and is very vocal. She likes to read. She is creative and enjoys doing crafts.

Nevaeh is a witty and artistic girly-girl. She enjoys painting and creating works of art for others. She shines the brightest when she is making up her own games or doing crafts. Nevaeh has an optimistic and bright personality with an extensive imagination. She loves to spend time with others, but she also enjoys her independence. One of Nevaeh’s favorite things to do is play with her Barbie dolls. She is very intelligent and inquisitive. She enjoys attending church and spending time with her church family. She loves going to school and thrives in that environment. Nevaeh is interested in pursing a career as a teacher or a foster care case worker when she grows up.

Dayton is an energetic, theatrical young boy. He is very athletic, active and always on the go. Dayton loves sports, especially basketball and volleyball. He has played basketball for a recreational league in the past and would like to join a team for his school. He is very goofy and loves to others makes laugh. He keeps everyone around him on their toes. Dayton is very tender-hearted and wants to please others. He tells others that he is a gentleman and he strives to exhibit respectful behavior. Dayton loves anything that has to do with muscle cars and super heroes. He enjoys school and is eager to do well academically. Dayton is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Austin is a very active, athletically inclined young boy. He has an infectious laugh that brings joy to those around him. Austin shines the brightest when he is playing sports. He likes to play basketball and has a very competitive spirit. He enjoys singing and playing his recorder. Music is very therapeutic for Austin. He enjoys attending church, especially children’s services. He is a very kind-hearted individual who likes to build others up. Austin is a good communicator, and he enjoys school. He is very social and makes friends easily. Austin would like to pursue a career in law enforcement when he is older.