Laiken is a kind-hearted and inquisitive young girl. She loves to talk and learn about new things. Laiken’s favorite thing about herself is that she is kind and will stand up for others. Laiken is a nurturer by nature, and she loves to help and care for others. Laiken loves to ready swing, ride her bike, and play with Legos. Her Barbies are some of her favorite possessions. Laiken is interested in cheer leading. She enjoys attending church and helping the younger kids in Sunday school. Laiken enjoys music and has a sweet singing voice. She loves animals and would love to have her own kitten one day. Laiken would like to pursue a career in teaching when she grows up. Her teacher has inspired her to be a good person, and she wants to do the same for her students one day.

Cameron is an energetic and spunky young boy. His favorite thing about himself is his love of sports. Cameron would like to join a baseball or basketball team. He likes to play video games on his Xbox. His favorite video games are Green Lantern and Batman. Cameron loves trying new foods and snacking on sweets. He likes animals, especially dogs. One of Cameron’s favorite activities is going to Just Jump (trampoline park). He enjoys spending time outside playing catch and fishing. He would like to learn how to hunt. Cameron does well academically in school. He likes going to church and being involved in Sunday school. Cameron is mechanically inclined and likes to keep his hands busy. He enjoys spending time “tinkering” in the garage with his foster dad.