Khloe TN01-115137986

Kylie likes playing outside and swimming. She is sassy and likes to be a leader to younger children. Khloe likes playing outside and playing with dolls and toys in her room. Khloe needs a family who will advocate for her medical, educational needs and cognitive well-being and parents who will aid with her personal care. The children need parents who will provide structure, parents who are patient and are willing to love and nurture them.  There is an older sibling to these beautiful girls, who will also be part of the adoption package.  He likes playing video games, swimming, fishing, working on cars and playing with his siblings. He also likes playing and watching football.  He is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. However, he is undecided about adoption at this time. This sibling group would do best in a two-parent home.  Their religious preference is Christian but no preference for area.  They simply desire a family who will love them and to remain together.