Kelly STN0113277

Kelly describes herself as a quiet, lighthearted, and positive. She enjoys fashion, nail art, make-up and cheerleading. She describes herself as more girly than her sister. Kelly is very creative. She enjoys drawing, writing in her journal, and listening to pop and rap music. Kelly does well in school and has the potential to go to college and pursue her career of choice. She can be articulate when she has something of importance to convey and knows the listener is interested in what she has to share. She is able to talk about her feelings but will hesitate when emotions are high. She uses age-appropriate vocabulary and can be both reserved and outspoken, depending on the topic and audience. Kelly is initially shy when meeting new people but opens up over time, especially if she has the opportunity to spend individual time with a new person or approach a new situation gradually.

Lexani enjoys all types of activities and plays outside whenever she can. She especially enjoys riding her bike and roller skating. She enjoys inside activities as well such as playing with her dolls and doll house. She also enjoys playing board games with family and watching TV. She prefers to play with peers or her sister. Lexani is a thoughtful and happy child. She is closely bonded to her older sister and looks up to her for support. Lexani tries to do the right thing and is helpful in the home. Lexani enjoys positive reinforcement from adults and often seeks it out. Lexani makes friends easily and is open to meeting new people, although she is initially quiet and reserved until she gets to know a person.