Kayson TN01-125349973

If Kayson’s friends were having a bad day, he would tell them a joke to cheer them up! Kayson is a fun-loving kid, and the best thing about Kayson is that he is compassionate, affectionate, and super helpful! He is a funny and creative boy who enjoys hands-on activities, whether it’s riding his bike or playing with Legos. If you want to see his Lego collection, you’ve got a building buddy for the rest of the afternoon! He loves taking things apart and putting them back together, and he’s always happy to help with chores around the house or the classroom. He thrives with one-on-one attention.

Koraleigh is a loving, sweet, and social child. She is full of energy too! Koraleigh enjoys playing outside, riding her bike, and taking trips to the park. She also loves playing games, using electronics, creating arts and crafts, cooking, listening to music, playing with LOL Dolls, doing gymnastics, singing, and dancing. Koraleigh loves animals! Koraleigh enjoys playing with her friends and spending time with her brother. At times, Koraleigh may become upset, though she continues to learn new ways to manage her feelings. She likes school and enjoys learning new things every day. Koraleigh has a great appetite. Some of her favorite things to eat are McDonald’s cheeseburgers, fries, and salads.

If your family can provide Kayson and Koraleigh with the unconditional love and support they need, please don’t miss out on another minute with these wonderful siblings!