Katie is a very sweet child who is extremely intelligent (does well in school), extraordinarily compassionate and cherishes and seeks opportunities to spend time with others.  She likes crafts, drawing, singing, listening to music, helping in the kitchen, using chalk on the sidewalk, riding her bike and going to parks.  Katie makes friends easily and loves to wear dresses,headbands and barrettes.  Katie enjoys a variety of foods including spaghetti, bacon, pancakes, toast with jelly, salad, fish, cheeseburgers and most vegetables and fruits.  She also enjoys eating with chop-sticks and  does very well with them.  Katie loves going to church and likes to say a prayer before dinner time.  Katie is a lot of  fun and is very spunky and outgoing.   She has a photo album filled with many pictures and adding new photos every couple of weeks is a big treat for her.