Kaelyn TN01-31195723

Kaelyn is charming, smart, outgoing, and polite. She likes to play with her baby dolls and Play-Doh and loves to color. Kaelyn loves gymnastics, swimming, and dancing. Kaedin likes to color, play outside with friends and ride his scooter. Kaedin loves to laugh and act silly. He loves going to the park, trampoline park, and skating. Karina is a sweet young girl that loves watching TV with bright colors and music. She loves her siblings and loves to swing, go to school, and have visitors in the home. Karina does well with travel and likes going new places. She recently went bowling and had a lot of fun.

I Have Siblings!

Photo of Karina with siblingsKarina TN01-41821925Female7
Photo of Kaedin with siblingsKaedin TN01-31195722Male9
Joselyn TN01-31196665Female11