Kaedin TN01-31195722

Joselyn is a very thoughtful and creative young lady. She is a great listener as well. Joselyn likes playing outside, playing with dolls and Barbies, and reading Junie B. Jones books. Some of her other favorite activities include gymnastics, journaling, and watching cooking shows. Joselyn also likes listening to R&B music.

Kaelyn is an energetic young lady that is very charming, smart, outgoing, and polite. She likes to play with toys, especially her baby dolls and Play Doh. She also loves to color. Kaelyn likes to watch cartoons, and she likes R&B music. She would like to live in a neighborhood where there are other kids to play with. She likes to be active and outside playing, going to the park, or riding her scooter. She loves to swim, dance, and do gymnastics.

Kaedin is a very charming, smart, and outgoing young boy. He likes to play with his toys, color, play outside and ride his scooter. Kaedin would rather play with others than by himself. He likes to play outdoors and indoors. Kaedin’s favorite toys are his scooter and Play Doh. He likes watching shows and movies with cars in them or any cartoon. He loves R&B music. Kaedin is a very fun and pleasant child that loves to laugh and act silly. He loves going to the park, trampoline park, and skating.