Kaden is a creative, intelligent, and active young man. He is a prolific reader who enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels. Kaden is athletic and likes playing football, baseball, and basketball. He is a good team player and exhibits good sportsmanship. He is interested in music and would like to learn to play a variety of instruments. Kaden is a responsible student who makes good grades and works independently to ensure that his school work is completed. Kaden gets along well with his peers and his teachers, and he functions well in the classroom. Kaden likes being active in school activities such as fundraisers, sports, music concerts, etc. Kaden will work hard to earn the trust of his forever family. He has learned to complete chores such as cleaning his room, caring for pets, and helping clean up around the house. Kaden would like to learn how to cook. He is interested in working and earning money to get a head start in life. He is interested in jobs where he could express his creativity such as cooking, landscaping, gardening, and music performance. Kaden likes to make toys and instruments out of household objects. He enjoys watching funny movies and playing video games. He also likes outdoor activities such as climbing trees, hiking, swimming, and watching nature. He has never been camping, but he would love to go camping one day with his forever family.