Kaelyn is a sweet, intelligent, and caring young lady. She enjoys listening to music and spending one-on-one time with people she cares for. She especially likes socializing with a few good friends and staying in touch with her friends via texting. Kaelyn is quite the artist and loves to draw portraits of those around her. She is also a talented basketball player and loves playing for school teams. Kaelyn states that her favorite thing to do is spend time with family and attend concerts. She especially enjoys country music with some of her favorite artists being Kane Brown, Grainger Smith, and Blake Shelton. Kaelyn’s favorite holiday is Halloween. One of her favorite foods is macaroni and cheese. Kaelyn is a good student who excels academically. She loves mathematics and the satisfaction that comes with solving a problem. Kaelyn is still considering her options for a career when she grows up. Kaelyn loves cats.

Justyn is a sweet and funny young man. He would thrive with an active family with varied interests, as he loves swimming, playing soccer, playing outside, going to church, watching movies, playing games, family time, listening to music (and singing along!), video games, and tablet time. He especially loves to collect Pokemon cards. Justyn loves school and excels in every subject. He is very proud of maintaining Honor Roll status and has a drive to succeed.

Kaelyn and Justyn would like a family that is active and enjoys spending time together and going to church together.