Joslyn TN01-93829946

Angel is an bright and energetic young lady. She loves school and does very well academically, she gets along well with her peers, and her siblings. Angel is creative and loves to paint and do any kind of arts and crafts activity. She loves to play “spa day” and have her hair and nails done. Angel dreams of having a family that lives in a house with enough room for everyone, parents that love to play games, travel, and have adventures. Angel would love to have many animals, especially an elephant, and a large yard to play in. Angel is the “baby” sister and loves that role. She is inquisitive, she has many dreams for her future, and is excited to have a forever family. Jordan is an extremely intelligent child who loves school. His favorite subjects are math and science. He loves to paint, play outside, and has a great imagination. Jordan received A’s and B’s on his most recent report card and is looking forward to going on to 4th grade next year. Jordan would love a family that eats together around the table, plays games together, travels, and goes to church. Jordan loves all animals and would enjoy being a part of the caretaking roles. Jordan talks about having friends/siblings that are his age that he can play with, have sleep-overs, and big birthday parties. Jordan has superpowers…He states that his brain is powerful and can help him change the way he thinks and behaves. He loves his superpowers and the fact that he is a hero. Jordan says that his dream is to have a big family that lives in a big house, one that has a calm and caring environment, and plenty of resources for camps, sports, and nice clothing. Jordan loves his siblings and loves being able to play games with them. Joslyn is an incredibly smart and articulate young lady. She loves school, to learn, and to read. Joslyn has a great relationship with her peers and teachers. Joslyn is creative and loves to paint, draw, and do any arts and craft activity. She also loves sports, to play outside, and to spend time with her family. Joslyn is dreaming of a family that does a lot of activities and traveling together. She would love to live on a farm with a lot of animals and a lot of space outside. Joslyn would love to travel and see new places, to go camping, and to go on real family vacations.