Joshua TN01-49090923

Cain is an intuitive and active young man and is into all kinds of sports! He is currently involved in football, rugby and boxing. He loves being outdoors and enjoying nature. He likes participating in adventurous activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking and camping. He also loves to cook and is planning on becoming involved with a hands-on cooking mentoring program. Cain has been described as caring, lovable and helpful. Some of his favorite foods include lasagna, spaghetti, hot dogs, burritos and tiramisu cake. He enjoys a wide variety of music. One of his favorite movies is Surf’s Up. His favorite t.v. show is Outer Banks. Cain does not spend time on video games and prefers to be playing sports or doing other things. Cain is a good student. Cain also has interest in collecting rocks and working on cars. Cain loves to travel and would enjoy exploring new places. Cain would love to have a family where he could have a dog as he especially loves dogs, but also likes cats. Cain would enjoy an active family that has interest in sports as well. He is looking forward to finding his forever family!