Joshua TN01-29332918

Joshua is an active and curious child who loves riding bicycles, scooters, and skating. Joshua enjoys technology, and he is very knowledgeable about the different skills needed to be successful using various electronic devices. Joshua likes playing basketball and wants to play on a basketball team at one of the public park community centers. Joshua is good at drawing and painting with watercolors and crayons. Joshua enjoys playing video games and playing on his tablet. Joshua has a big appetite. He loves eating at buffets. Joshua likes to help in the kitchen preparing simple meals for himself and other family members in the home. Joshua is an introvert who prefers to watch from afar before engaging in activities with his peers. Joshua can amuse himself for hours by playing with small toys on the floor. Joshua likes going to school and being a part of everyday life. He enjoys going on outings and visiting with his foster family’s relatives. Joshua has siblings that he needs to maintain relationships with. The special family for Joshua must be willing to learn how to meet his needs and be willing to accept a lifetime commitment. Joshua is an amazing youth that will enrich a family’s life forever.