John is a very active young man who likes to tell imaginative stories. He enjoys playing outdoors, but he can also sit quietly indoors if he’s given something to keep him busy. John likes Bey Blades, remote-controlled vehicles, and Chinese food. He has a great sense of humor. He will ask for help when he needs it, but he is also willing to take the initiative to try out something on his own when necessary. John says he likes to “fix computers and electrical things.”

John is friendly and outgoing, and he can start a conversation with anyone. John is inquisitive, and he is always searching for answers to how and why. John also enjoys coloring, drawing, and doing arts and crafts. He would likely enjoy participating in sports and outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and camping if he was given the opportunity to do so. Some of John’s interests include skateboarding, running, lifting weights, playing football, Taekwondo , martial arts, reading Harry Potter books, and learning about Asian cultures. John likes dogs and cats, and he is open to a family with pets. He is open to living in the city or in the country. John hopes to visit Japan someday.