Jermichael is an outgoing, bright young man who enjoys running, playing sports, music, singing, and dancing. Although Jermichael tends to make friends easily, he seems to relate better with male authority figures.  It has been said Jermichael is a very active and outgoing child. Jermichael would like a family who will talk to him, play with him, and is active. His competitive nature makes household chores a fun game. He wouldn’t mind if there were other children in the home, although he’d likely do best with male siblings his age or older, and would love to have a dog! Jermichael would benefit greatly from a home with a strong male parent, although a single parent would be appropriate provided the parent was consistent with enforcing rules and consequences. Jermichael needs as much consistency and stability as he can get. Jermichael needs the stability and security of a forever home, as his own life experience has not given this to him.