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Destiny is a loving and helpful child. She is quiet when first meeting new people, but she opens right up once she gets to know the person. Destiny has a few favorite hobbies. She enjoys reading and reads all different types of books. She loves being outside and playing basketball or soccer. In her spare time, Destiny also enjoys coloring and watching TV and/or movies. Destiny enjoys all animals, and cats are her favorite. Destiny wants a family that is loving, caring, and that will take care of her and her siblings.

Thomas is a people person. He likes learning more about people and is described as being chatty. Thomas has a heart of gold and is always willing to help others out any way he can. Thomas is always up for a challenge and is not afraid of learning new things. Thomas loves to be outside, playing with his siblings and friends. He also enjoys going fishing. Thomas enjoys sports, watching TV, and going shopping for new toys. Thomas wants a forever family that is willing to love him and his siblings.

MaryAnn is a social butterfly. She enjoys being with others and doing fun activities. MaryAnn enjoys playing board games and watching TV and/or movies. MaryAnn has been described as being a polite young lady who is not afraid to speak her mind. She stands up for her siblings and what she feels is right. MaryAnn is an animal lover, and cats and dogs are her favorites. MaryAnn is crafty and enjoys making things with her hands. When asked what type of family she would like, MaryAnn reported someone that would love and care for her and her siblings.

Jeremiah likes to joke and be the life of the party. He is sweet and thoughtful; he enjoys giving people hugs and making things for others. He is described as outgoing and is always trying to make someone laugh. Jeremiah enjoys reading, coloring, and watching his favorite TV show, Paw Patrol. He loves to be outside exploring and playing with his siblings and friends. He has a strong relationship with his siblings. When asked what type of family he would like, Jeremiah stated someone that is loving, caring and with a pool. Jeremiah is a child that will brighten any day with his laugher, jokes and over all personality.

Saddie is described as being a sweet young lady that enjoys a busy lifestyle. She is always on the go. Saddie prefers being outside playing with others or jumping on her trampoline. If she is inside, she loves to watch TV. Saddie also has a creative side which she shows by dancing and coloring. Saddie puts her all in when she is focused on a task or activity she really enjoys. Saddie is a total animal person, but she loves cats and dogs the most. Saddie needs a family that will provide a loving home as well as an active lifestyle.