D’Asia is 10 years old. She enjoys puzzles, drawing, and coloring. D’Asia is interested in joining the girl scouts and taking dance lessons. She is a girly girl, who really enjoys the outdoors. She is described by others as patient, loving, and helpful. D’Asia even likes to vacuum and wash dishes. Jayon is a very active 7 year old, who is full of energy. Jayon enjoys gymnastics and all sports. He especially loves basketball. Jayon is an athletic little boy who loves playing outside.  He is described as very smart and intuitive. Jaydon is 5 years old and full of personality! He loves to play with other children, as well as, his siblings.  Jaydon is very bright and loves to be read to. He is described as a quick learner, who can already spell his name. These special siblings need an active home that can provide them with love and support.  These kids need strong role models and a structured home. They desperately want a family to call their own.