Erika and Derika are nine year old identical twins. They are the best of friends, always looking out for each other. Erika is energetic and talkative. She enjoys hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop, and watching television. Erika is very friendly and takes pride in her appearance. She has always provided protection for her younger siblings. Derika is the more reserved of the two. She likes playing with her tablet, riding bikes, and reading books. She describes herself as very generous and loyal. Derika takes pride in her academic achievements. She is often complimented on her personality and smile. Javeyon is a typical seven year old boy who enjoys jumping on the trampoline and doing flips. He is very playful and finds fun in anything. Javeyon loves to share and has a great relationship with his sisters. Erika, Derika, and Jayveon would love a two parent home that will provide a stable environment. They need a family that will be patient, loving, and provide encouragement. Erika, Derika, and Javeyon need a family that is willing to play an active role in their education. They will benefit from a family that would allow them to maintain a relationship with siblings in Tennessee.