Jancy TN01-27280513

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Jancy is a very spunky and intelligent young lady. She is very resilient and has a goofy nature about her. Jancy really enjoys school, and her favorite subject is science. She does well academically. Jancy has several aquariums and is interested in Ichthyology, which is the study of fish. She would love to work at a large aquarium one day working with fish.

Jancy enjoys being outdoors and loves being adventurous. She is very inquisitive and loves to discover new things as well as learn how things work. She considers herself a good balance of girly and tom boy. Journaling is a very therapeutic activity for Jancy. She really loves to make others laugh. She loves spending time at the local community center and remaining active. She reports that she is a Christian and enjoys participating in her church youth group. Jancy is happiest when she is laughing and spending time outdoors exploring.