Jaden is a kindhearted child who loves animals and likes to help others. One of his favorite activities is walking and grooming the recued dogs: he wants the dogs to know they are loved and wanted.
Jaden is empathetic towards those less fortunate. He will take up for the smaller children who are bullied. He will share with his peers who don’t have enough. He is always concerned about fairness.
He loves to read and at this time he is reading the Harry Potter series. He is currently on the second book. Jaden always has a book in his hands. Jaden is an engaging conversationalist. When Jaden is pasionate about a subject; he becomes animated while talking about it. Jaden loves to play games: board games; card games; and group involved games. He loves to play outside with his peers and riding his bicycle. Jaden’s interested about most sports; he wants to be a Boy Scout. Jaden likes Muscle Cars and playing with Legos. Jaden is very eager to be adopted. Jaden understands that he will be adopted alone; without his brother, Eli. Jaden does not like being separated from Eli; however, he understands that Eli will be adopted by their paternal uncle and his wife. Jaden needs to continue his sibling relationship through once a week phone calls and letters.