Jade TN01-12100140

Jade is a talkative, social girl who enjoys having long conversations. She loves watching news and keeping up with current events. In addition to the news, Jade likes to watch All American and Peppa Pig. She enjoys playing with younger children, doing word searches or crossword puzzles, journaling, crafting and knitting. She also likes going for walks, sitting outside, or just enjoying what nature has to offer. Jade’s favorite game is Candyland, and she also likes to read Dr. Seuss books. Jade’s current favorite style of music is rap. Some of her favorite foods include hamburgers, chicken, nacho, and pizza rolls. Jade loves animals. She likes celebrating traditional holidays such as Christmas and 4th of July. She also enjoys going to church regularly. Jade is very curious about how the world works and loves to ask questions. She is looking forward to having a permanent family.