Jada is a very sweet and caring child. She is hard to miss in a room with her bright smile and loving personality. Jada enjoys arts and crafts, swimming, and socializing with others. Her favorite things to do are play with dolls, watch Frozen, and play outdoors. Those who know Jada describe her as caring, thoughtful, energetic, and helpful. Jada easily makes connections with adults and enjoys one-on-one attention. Jada expressed that she “really wants to go to Jump Jam, horseback riding, or to the beach” because she has never been. She enjoys going to the park to play on the swings. She loves to swim and play in the water. Some of her favorite toys are her Barbie dolls. Jada likes to read books about animals. She loves all animals, and dogs are her favorite. One of Jada’s favorite TV shows is My Little Pony. Jada enjoys listening to all types of music with country and dance being her favorites.