Jada TN01-11042824

Jada has an extroverted, inquisitive personality that warms up slowly upon meeting new people. She enjoys spending time with her current foster family and extended foster family members. Jada enjoys all creative activities including drawing, coloring, painting and writing, especially in her journal; and enjoys most physical activities including sports, dance and cheer. She can become restless when anxious and is able to utilize her interests to calm herself. Jada performs well in the school setting and makes friends easily, requiring gentle guidance for positive peer boundaries. When given the opportunity to learn about new places and experiences, Jada can initially be resistant to trying new things but becomes more receptive once she has more details and time to digest new information. Jada would do best in a traditional family home with siblings. She would thrive with a family that will love her and support her through all of life’s highs and lows and give her the gentle guidance she needs to build strong healthy relationships. Her new parents should be experienced and trauma informed; patient and supportive. They should also be strong advocates for the services that will help Jada develop the skills she needs for a happy productive life, now and into adulthood. She should be the oldest in the home.