Jackson is kind and gentle. He is polite and has good manners. He is a happy child although he has been through so much in his short lifetime. He enjoys playing outside, riding his bike, going swimming, playing with legos and he loves animals. He has talked about one day becoming a veterinarian. He loves to walk dogs and care for them. He will light up when a dog enters the room. He cooperates with chores and keeps his room clean. He responds well to a reward system.
He has not been able to travel outside of his hometown, but he wants to go to the beach. He has made
improvements in school. He likes his teacher. He loves karate, and art and crafts. He plays well by himself. He also enjoys the company of friends. He likes his hair cut short and enjoys being well groomed. He says he is a “homebody” and likes to stay in the house since the Covid broke out. He is not big on hugging at first, but once a relationship develops he will give you a squeeze. He longs to call someone mom and dad.