Isaiah TN01-12524070

Isaiah is an intelligent and inquisitive young man. He loves to investigate how and why things work; so naturally his favorite school subject is Science. Isaiah is an incredible computer whiz, and he enjoys all things related to electronics. He is able to accurately take apart computer hardware and reassemble the parts with ease. Isaiah enjoys riding his scooter, swimming, riding his bike, playing basketball, and swinging when he gets to be outdoors. He’s always wanted to go four-wheeling! He likes to draw, play video games, and listen to piano music when he’s hanging out in the house. His favorite TV shows include SpongeBob SquarePants and Young Sheldon.

Isaiah would love a family that gets his love for computers and his desire to travel. He’d love to visit the Smoky Mountains for camping and hit up beaches with his future family. Just make sure to stop for his favorite foods (chicken and pizza) along the way! Isaiah would love a family that has dogs or cats. Even farm animals are welcomed. Could your family be the one for Isaiah? Inquire today!