Hembree TN01-11046308

Hembree is a lovely young lady who loves animals. She enjoys taking horseback riding lessons on the weekend. She loves all kinds of animals and is very knowledgeable about animals. Hembree also loves singing and she is currently in the choir at school. She has a wonderful vocabulary and does very well in school. Hembree likes to spend her free time playing volleyball, playing video games, watching TV, and playing with animal figurines. While she does enjoy alone time, Hembree really enjoys playing with other children, especially those close in age to her. She may be shy at first, but once she gets to know you, Hembree is a very friendly and loyal companion.

Hembree desires to be adopted by a loving family who will encourage her interests in animals, singing, and volleyball. She gets along well with other children and particularly likes children her age or slightly older. Hembree attends church each week and enjoys spending time with her foster family. Hembree is a wonderful young lady who has been thriving in a healthy family environment.