Hagan TN01-117690982

Please note: Hagan’s team is only considering TN families at this time.

Hagan is an articulate and bright young man. He loves to learn about rocks and minerals. He likes searching the wilderness for arrowheads and has started a rock collection. Hagan would love living out in the country and having space to play and explore. Hagan likes to stay active, and his favorite sport is basketball. He would benefit from the opportunity to play on a basketball team. While indoors, Hagan enjoys listening to music, creating things, and crafting. He also likes watching cartoons and action movies. Hagan loves dogs and would love the opportunity to have a dog of his own. Hagan is very loving and attentive to all animals. Those who know Hagan best describe him as witty, engaging, and friendly. Hagan’s favorite foods include ice cream, pizza, and corn on the cob. One of his favorite places to eat is Taco Bell. Like most kids, Hagan really enjoys sweets. Hagan desires to have a forever family who will be attentive and loving towards him, even when times get tough.