Gracie TN01-73750938

Meet Gracie! She is caring, creative, and imaginative. Gracie is a resilient young lady with an excellent memory. She enjoys alone time and responds well to redirection. Gracie likes to explore new places and meet new people. She enjoys trips to Dairy Queen. Some of her favorite foods are sausage burritos, Oreos, tacos, pizza, and oatmeal creme pies. Gracie enjoys trying new experiences and going on fun outings to keep busy. She also enjoys playing on the tablet, playing with toys, coloring, painting, and spending time with friends. One of her favorite TV programs is Ninja Kids. Gracie enjoys being first and likes to turn chores and activities into a competition to finish before others. Gracie does well in school academically. She also loves animals, especially dogs and horses. Gracie will benefit from a nurturing home that provides her with a lot of attention and patience as she builds a bond with her family.


Please note: The team is only considering families in Tennessee.