Grace TN01-23104099

“I love anime books, television shows, and movies. My favorite place to be is the library. I like school, but I do not like geometry. I like animals and would like to have pets. My favorite animal is the wolf. For my hobbies, I enjoy writing poetry, sketching, painting, and playing the guitar. I participate in the band in school, and I am learning the bass guitar. My favorite foods include macaroni and cheese and cheese pizza. My least favorite foods are beans and peas. I don’t care where I live if there is a library nearby. I want a family that can understand me and allow me to make mistakes and grow. The perfect family is one that accepts you when you need space, trusts and helps when needed and understands and loves you for your differences.”

Grace is very insightful and friendly. She plans to study law when she goes to college with a minor in either politics or history. Grace would also like to be an adoptive mother in the future so she can help teens in foster care. She describes herself as loyal and accepting, and she wants a family that embodies the same!