“I just want to be loved. I don’t care what color they are or who they are; just someone to love me”… words straight out of Gavin’s mouth.  Gavin has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is average in build and is growing appropriately. He is energetic and enjoys engaging with his peers. He is a positive child who enjoys engaging in high energy activities. He is creative and enjoys drawing in his spare time. Gavin shows interest in reading and is specific to chapter books. Gavin shows great resiliency and is optimistic about his future. He has future plans of playing basketball on an organized basketball team. Gavin loves to play basketball and has a great interest in cars. He likes to learn the mechanic work on cars and enjoys learning new skills.  Those who have had any encounter with Gavin states that he is well mannered and very respectful. He initially seems to be shy, but tends to open up more once he becomes familiar with an individual. Gavin is very loving and is helpful to those around him. He is bright and becoming independent. Others say that he has matured well and that he is very resilient. Gavin does well with others his age and younger than him. He has built several bonds and friendships and is a likable person.  Gavin is in need of a loving, secure home. He needs to be able to have a sense of belonging with a home and family. Gavin needs someone who will be willing to invest time with him and engage with him and to be an advocate for him. He needs role models in his life that will be able to help him thrive in the future.