Garvin TN01-11991964

Garvin is a young man who loves to be helpful around the house. He loves to get recipes and follow the instructions for the ingredients, especially desserts. Garvin likes Parkour, an extreme exercise program akin to American Ninja Warriors. He is a huge Star Wars fan and likes superheroes. Garvin is adamant that he does not like the color pink! Garvin is very structured in his thinking and his environment. He likes everything to have a place and be in it. He can be kind, sweet, and comforting. He loves to be involved in the community and shows concern for his neighbors and friends. Garvin likes to sit down with the family for meals and have family time like games and other group activities. Garvin loves being active, especially outside, riding his bike and loves getting to know his neighbors. He is great with animals and hopes to one day either be a chef or have a job where he works with animals. Garvin would thrive in a family that would provide the structure and support he needs to reach his life goals.