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Natashia loves to read, write in her journal, and is very artistic. She wants to one day become a police officer or a nurse who takes care of babies. She wants a loving forever family who has movie nights, lets her play sports, hang out with friends, has family outings, and can go to church together. Natashia is very caring, easy going, and soft spoken.

Gage loves sports, video games, buying shoes, and is very active. He enjoys playing GAGA ball, basketball, football, and track at his school. He loves to listen to music, make jokes, play on his DS, and gets along with everyone. Gage loves to have attention and would love a forever family that allows him to play school sports and hang out with his friends. Gage also loves watching his all time favorite show Dragon Ball Z and other anime shows. Gage loves to eat pizza and tacos.

Jesse is very outgoing, loves making friends, and is very kind-hearted. Jesse has a passion for buying shoes, hats, and anything that has to do with sports. Jesse loves video games such as Monster Hunter that he plays quite often on his DS. He loves animals and loves to help out when he can. Jesse loves spicy food and candy. Jesse also loves to make crafts and be artistic.