Ethan TN01-8636042

Ethan is a very outgoing and energetic 11 year old boy. He is a natural born leader who likes to have his voice heard. He likes to meet new people and engage with everyone. He is very mindful of others and their feelings. He is very strong willed and independent. He enjoys spending time playing sports. He is not currently on a sports team but would like to play next season. He shines the brightest when he is on the go and able to socialize with others. He spends a lot of time outside playing with the animals, riding his bike and imaginative play. His favorite space outside is on the tire swing. If he could choose any career his dream would be a YouTuber but his goal would potentially be a mechanic. He is very responsible and will help out without being asked. He feels proud when he is contributing and helping others. He excels in Reading at school and spends time reading E-books at home. He wants to be acknowledged and heard. He loves anime. Ethan would benefit from a family that is very active and will encourage his participation in any sports or activities he chooses.

Ethan would also benefit from a family that will be very consistently structured and patient with him. The team desires a home with any parental makeup. Ethan desires a Christian family who he can attend church with and be apart of the church community. He needs a family who will be supportive of his ongoing needs and will participate in any needed services. He does have three siblings that he would like to maintain contact.