Ethan TN01- 11451754

Ethan is a bright and helpful young man. He is a great advocate for himself and communciates his needs and feelings. He has made a lot of progress with his education and his proud of his accomplishments. He participates in a book club. Ethan enjoys sports and playing video games. His favorite sport is football. Ethan likes being outdoors and takes walks when he is feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Ethan also enjoys music and participates in a drumming circle. He is muscially talented. Ethan is a hands-on learner, and likes to build and make things. Those that know Ethan best describe him as “creative, funny and honest”. Ethan is not a picky eater but doesn’t care for hot/spicy foods. His all time favorite food is a McChicken sandwich. Ethan desires to have a mom and a dad that are loving, attentive and understanding. He wants a family that is supportive and can help him reach his future goals.