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Maribel, Adrian, Alisiana, and Elena are excited to find their forever family together. The children are hopeful to remain in Tennessee. Together the children are very sweet, kind, and loving. They each have their own characteristics that make them unique. Maribel is a bright light to anyone she meets. She doesn’t meet a stranger and loves talking to everyone and having their attention. She loves playing with dolls and books. She also enjoys playing with building blocks with her siblings. She enjoys to participate in any activity! She loves to eat hot dogs and cereal. She is a great eater and loves fruits and vegetables as well. She is a very brave little girl. She loves going to school and learning. Her favorite subject in school is math. She loves to watch the movie Frozen. She also loves Minnie Mouse. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. She is very expressive and would love to be able to add some fun color to her hair! Adrian is the girl’s quiet older brother. He enjoys spending time outdoors riding his bike and playing with his friends and sisters. Recently, he has become very into playing video games on his x-box. He also plays a robot building game. He is a very respectful little guy who keeps a very calm composure. He loves to learn and is always saying that he will try anything. He loves to attend school and tries his best in his work. When watching TV, his favorite shows are about super heroes, like Spiderman! Adrian really enjoys attending church and participating in the children’s program. He is
interested in signing up to play basketball in the future. Alisiana has a wonderful imagination. She loves to play pretend and loves to play kitchen. She loves to “cook” up food and serve it to all of her friends and family. She is a good eater and loves fruits and vegetables. Like her sister she also enjoys watching the movie Frozen and other cartoons. She loves playing with baby dolls and building blocks. She is very protective of her family and her belongings. She loves to show affection and loves to receive hugs. Alisiana enjoys going to school and making friends. Last, but not least we have little Miss. Elena. Like her other sisters, she also enjoys playing with baby dolls and Barbie
dolls. She is the baby of the family and enjoys having older siblings who love her. Elena is a good eater as well and eats all her fruits and vegetables. Elena enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys listening to lullabies. She also enjoys being read to.