Ecko TN01-31494944

Ecko is a very engaging child who enjoys the company of others of all ages. Ecko loves to be outside on her skateboard, playing basketball, or just playing in the yard. Ecko is very crafty and artistic, and she has a great imagination. She enjoys drawing, painting, coloring, and making crafts. Ecko also enjoys music of various genres. She enjoys outings like shopping, getting sushi, and attractions like trampoline parks. Ecko gets along well with children of all ages, but she especially loves younger kids. Ecko would like a family that accepts her as she is. She enjoys family time of any sort and is very social. Ecko values connection and relationship with others. She is very laid back and enjoys things like family movie nights and game nights. Ecko dreams of going to college for business and owning her own coffee shop where the public can come to paint. Overall, Ecko is a very well-rounded child that is motivated to achieve her goals with the support of her forever family.