Dylan TN01-13133528

Michael is a funny and kind-hearted young man. He can tell you anything you need to know about any video game you could possibly think of. Michael enjoys learning how to cook his favorite meals, and he could help with any electronics in the home. Michael enjoys watching TV, reading, playing UNO, and video games. He enjoys most indoor activities, but will occasionally go swimming or play with his brother with Nerf guns. Michael also loves animals and enjoys playing with them in the home. In the past, Michael has helped take care of cats and taken dogs for walks around the neighborhood. Michael works best on a rewards based system with clear rules and expectations. Michael does well in his computer applications classes, and he enjoys science. Michael is not the biggest fan of school, but he does understand the importance of earning his high school diploma. Michael does best in a group of peers that has similar interests as him. Michael is hopeful for a forever family that will continue to be there and support him after his 18th birthday. Michael is looking for more than a family that will be just a placement until he’s 18, but a family that will become his forever home well into his adult life. He hopes to have a family that will support him in his decisions and help build his skills to live an independent lifestyle. Michael hopes to take his developing skills and become a game designer one day.

Dylan is an active, smart, and caring young man. He is naturally helpful and enjoys learning how things work. He is charming, kind, and sometimes shy (until he gets to know you better). He loves to help around the house, cook, play basketball, and enjoys attending school. Dylan loves to play basketball, play outside, swim, and play video games. Dylan enjoys being outdoors. Dylan is very independent and enjoys learning how to complete different tasks on his own. He loves to help work on cars or any kind of engineering project. Dylan hopes to be a mechanic one day. Dylan has played basketball for his local rec center team and hopes to play for his school one day. Soccer is also a sport of interest for Dylan. Dylan is very social and likes to make new friends at school or in his neighborhood. One of his best subjects in school is reading. He was also in his previous school’s BETA club for maintaining A’s and B’s! Dylan is hopeful for an open, active, and supportive forever family. He hopes for a family who will be able to attend his basketball games and cheer him on!