Dylan TN01-11067124

Dylan is a quiet and thoughtful young man. He likes to take his time to think things through before saying or acting on anything. He enjoys playing video games. He also likes watching anime and listing to alterative, rap, and rock music. Some of his favorite bands and artists are Korn, Eminem, and Queen. Dylan enjoys school and does very well academically. Dylan’s favorite subject is science, and he enjoys anything about space. Dylan is active in the music program at his school, as he plays the trumpet for marching and concert band. Dylan is looking for a family that will provide a safe and caring home for him and his siblings.

Lily is a ray of sunshine that is talkative and outgoing. She enjoys playing video games and watching anime. Lily enjoys make up, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. She does well in school and has made amazing strides to get where she is today. When asked what type of family she would like, Lily said she wants a family that will provide a safe and caring home for her and her siblings.