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Conrad has the biggest smile and loves to laugh. Conrad loves funny videos as these make him laugh. Most days you can find him riding dirt bikes or bmx bikes. Conrad loves to create with his hands using his Legos or making slime. He is an active young man who loves being in jiu jitsu with his brother. Conrad also enjoys sports with basketball being his favorite. He likes all kinds of books but, his favorite is The Gingerbread Man Loose in School. When not creating structures with his legos or riding dirt bikes, Conrad is playing video games or watching tv; some of his favorites are Blippy and Lego Masters. Conrad is very curious about the world and adventurous. If given the opportunity, he would love to learn how to race 4 wheelers.

Deegan is a typical boys, boy. He loves to ride his bicycle, his skateboard, and play on the trampoline. He also loves playing ball. Deegan loves playing and trying all sports; his favorite team is the Florida Gators. When Deegan isn’t in school, you’ll find him playing outside on his skateboard learning new tricks. He also recently began jiu jitsu and loves being in this martial arts program. He would like to learn karate in the future if given the opportunity. Deegan also enjoys watching tv like most children his age. Some of his favorite shows include 72 Most Dangerous Animals and watching basketball. Deegan loves action movies and superhero movies. Deegan also enjoys coloring and drawing. Deegan’s favorite music is pop and country. He is an animal lover but his favorite are dogs. If he could visit anywhere, it would be sunny California.