Rosemary is a fun-loving child who loves superheroes! Thor is her favorite superhero. Rosemary enjoys music and going to church. She loves being independent and working on tasks alone. She enjoys going to the park, playing in water, and playing on her tablet. Rosemary loves her siblings very much, and she likes helping take care of them. Rosemary wants a mom and dad who will read to her, buy her candy, and take her to the pool. Rosemary loves going to Chuck E. Cheese!

Ciera is a little sweetheart who loves attention! She is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people. She enjoys playing dress up. She likes music and dancing. Ciera is a happy child who is always smiling and laughing. Ciera’s teachers always applaud how hard she tries and her ability to brighten the room! Ciera loves superheroes, especially Wonder Woman. She also likes PJ Mask and Paw Patrol. Ciera loves food and is not a picky eater. Her favorite treat is M&M’s. Ciera loves to soothe and comfort her little brother when he’s upset.

David is an active, playful toddler who enjoys exploring the world around him. He enjoys playing with his siblings and following them around. He loves to eat and sleep. David enjoys free play time and listening to music. He loves playing on the playground! David enjoys snuggling in the recliner with his caregivers and watching television.