Daniel TN01-27703263

Daniel is an interesting young man with advanced communication skills which make him extremely likeable. He responds well to praise and is proud to share his accomplishments with others. Daniel really enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing, kayaking, playing on the jungle gym, jumping on the trampoline, hanging from trees, swimming, and riding his bicycle or scooter. He also loves to read, draw, and play all types of games. His favorite video games take creativity and skill. Daniel enjoys going to church and has a very giving nature. He enjoys being in the kitchen and would love the opportunity to cook a treat just for you. Daniel loves to eat healthy food that have a little spice. He also loves all types of animals, but prefers to have a pet that he can engage with. When asked about his future, he’d like to get a part time job and save up money. It’s important to him to have the financial ability to try new things and go places. Daniel’s long-term goals are to buy a car and a house. He is undecided on what he wants to do when he grows up, but he has considered business and marketing as possible career paths. Daniel also loves football and his dream family will support his goal to play high school the college football and help make his dream to play wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens a reality.