Cor’Darion TN01-26400459

Cor’Darion is a delightful child who likes to take charge in life. He has a great personality and is a natural born leader. He is a very outspoken child who listens and is respectful. Cor’Darion does his chores without any problems and has an overall positive outlook on life. He laughs a lot and plays well with others. Cor’Darion likes to sing and dance. His favorite music is R&B and old school music. He loves everything related to the military, and he likes to wear camo clothing. Cor’Darion aspires to be in the military once he graduates from high school. He likes school and he is auditioning for a role in the Lion King play at school. He wants to be King Mufasa. Cor’Darion likes to read, watch wrestling, and ride his bike. He is a very open and loving child that wants a forever family that will love him unconditionally and value his strengths.