Connor TN01-26723515

Connor is a creative young man with a variety of interests. He enjoys doing arts and crafts projects, and he can sew as well as crochet. He also enjoys watching and playing most sports. He would like to play on a football team again. He especially likes being outdoors and riding his bike or his scooter. He would love to have a family that lives in the country so he can enjoy time outdoors. In the past he has enjoyed fishing and would really like the opportunity to go camping. He has been enjoying canoeing in his current placement. He also likes video games and board games such as Monopoly Cheaters Edition. His favorite movie is Real Steel and his favorite music is gospel rap. Connor is more of a pool guy than a beach guy. He has a kind heart and can be very empathetic towards others. He is able to acknowledge things he would like to personally work on to improve himself. One of his favorite foods is spaghetti, and he also enjoys pizza and pizza flavor Pringles. His favorite fruit is apples and favorite vegetable is broccoli. Connor is flexible and enjoys trying different things. Connor is open to most family options and is really hoping for a family with siblings, pets, and a family that goes to church.