Clouden TN01-52639922

Clouden is a friendly and charming young man who loves music. He is quite musically inclined; he writes his own songs and plays multiple instruments! He recently played the piano in his school’s Christmas play. Clouden is athletic and enjoys playing sports and being outdoors. You might also call him a foodie; he readily admits he likes to eat! He likes most foods, but his favorites include steak and nachos. He would like the opportunity to learn more in the kitchen, to cook, and to try new things. Clouden is helpful around the house and doesn’t mind doing his chores and assisting with projects. Like most teens, he does prefer having his own room and some alone time. Clouden also likes to travel. He dreams of visiting Rome, Italy. Other folks describe him as polite, chill and laid back. Clouden is learning to be an advocate for himself and communicates well with his team. Clouden wants to stay in Tennessee and wants an adoptive family that will support him (and his goals) after he turns 18.