Christopher TN01-9916748

Chris is a smart, caring, dependable, and athletic young man. One of his favorite sports to play is football. Chris currently plays tight end on offense, but he enjoys playing on defense as well. Chris enjoys playing video games when he is not at school or football practice. He enjoys participating in different recreational activities. He loves his family and enjoys spending time with his older brother, sister and nephew. Chris is successful in school. One thing that is important to Chris is feeling accepted and being a part of a family. One of Chris’ dreams is to make it to the NFL. His favorite football team is The Seattle Seahawks.Chris would like a family with other children in the home. His ideal family would be active and allow him to continue extracurricular activities he enjoys such as playing football for a school team. Chris also wants to maintain relationships with his older siblings and other positive supports he has gained before and during his foster care episode.