Alexis loves being outdoors and helping out on the foster family’s farm. She enjoys riding four-wheelers and jumping on trampolines. Alexis loves playing “zombies” with her siblings and friends. Alexis is a good student and makes good grades. Learning seems to come easy for her. Alexis is described as being a great helper who will help care for her younger siblings if asked to do so. Alexis enjoys playing board games and her favorites are Phase 10 and Yahtzee. Alexis has an amazing voice and loves to sing. She has stated that she wants to be either a professional singer or an archeologist when she grows up.

Riley is a very loving child who thrives on attention. She is a people person and enjoys being around and interacting with others. Riley loves playing with her Barbie dolls, loves playing dress up and putting on make-up. Riley also enjoys being outdoors and jumping on the trampoline. Riley has an amazing voice and loves to sing. Riley loves animals and does well with them. Riley loves being involved in church and all church activities. She has stated that she wants to be a dentist when she grows up.

Noah is a feisty little boy. He loves playing with tractors and cars and any kind of ball. Noah’s favorite place to play is outdoors. Noah loves to eat. He loves to have his breakfast as soon as his eyes open. His favorite foods are cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, bananas, and hot dogs. Noah loves to drink apple juice and water but prefers his water to be bottled water. Noah enjoys playing with others, and his older sister Alexis is his preferred playmate.

Chloe is a little princess who enjoys being treated like a diva. Chloe loves to eat more than anything else. When eating she is usually the first to sit down for the meal and the last one to get up. Chloe eats well and is slow eater. Chloe’s favorite food is Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berry Cereal. Chloe loves baby dolls and any accessory that goes with them. Chloe plays well with others and prefers to have others to play with.