Ryin loves to express herself through drawing and making pottery. Her favorite thing to draw is pretty designs with repetitive themes. She loves warm, sunny days and likes to be outside. On cloudy days, Ryin enjoys watching movies, especially cartoons and adventure movies. She dreams of becoming a scientist and loves her science class at school. Ryin likes to have a small group of close friends and says they would describe her as easy going and fun to be around. She appreciates people who get to know her and spend time with her. Ryin’s ideal day would include going out to eat and watching movies with her friends and family.

Victoria greets people with a big smile, and she can be described as an incredibly loving child. Victoria brightens everyone’s day with hugs and expressions of affection. Victoria likes learning new things. If you are a family that can spend time with her learning new things, you may be the family for her! Victoria is currently working on learning sign language and is eager for the interaction with others. Victoria likes playing with baby dolls and her tablet. She also enjoys watching television with family. Victoria is often seen wearing fun hair bands, as she likes to have her hair brushed and braided. Victoria likes going to school and being part of everyday life. She really enjoys the activities that she engages in at school, and she likes playing with the puppy in her classroom the most.

Cheryl is an outgoing girl who loves creative activities. You can almost always find her playing outside, making a craft, or eagerly helping with chores. She loves to run errands and help with duties around the house. At first, Cheryl may seem shy, but after a few minutes, she connects well with new friends. She is very outgoing when she is comfortable, and she is friendly to everyone around her. Cheryl is a fashion lover who likes to pick out her own clothes and look put together. At school, her favorite activities are gym class and music. Cheryl is loving, creative, and likes to be in the middle of the action.