Chase TN0193375945

Nevaeh likes school. She does extremely well and is usually an A & B student. She is artistic, especially when drawing anime. She is extremely loving and compassionate. She is a caregiver. She is very social. She enjoys hanging out with friends. She likes to be involved in the community and in clubs such as the boys and girls club. She also enjoys music which she uses to relieve stress. She is an effective communicator and she is very family oriented. She is very close to her siblings and has a loving relationship with them. She likes to assist her siblings and finds that helping them is more of an enjoyment than a chore. A good day for Nevaeh would be listening to music in her most comfy sweats. She likes to be comfortable.

Chase is an incredibly good student, getting all A’s and B’s. He enjoys reading and playing video games. He really likes Minecraft. He prefers to be indoors with a more introvert personality. He likes to keep to himself. He is very compassionate and like his sister he is family oriented. He enjoys animals. He is expressive and communicates well. He has expressed a desire to be an astronaut. He is extremely intelligent and likes to share what he learns with you.

Isaiah loves to be outdoors. He loves to play sports and especially enjoys playing basketball and baseball, riding his bike, riding his scooter and his roller blades. He is extremely outgoing. He is very friendly and affectionate. He loves to play with others and making new friends, especially if they will play outside with him. Isaiah likes to build things, play with race cars, and enjoys hands on activities.