Carmen TN01-27226482

Carmen is a delightful and loving child. A perfect day for Carmen would be spent shopping. Carmen also like getting her nails done and her hair styled. She enjoys going to the movies, going to the park, and going to get ice cream. Some of Carmen’s hobbies include playing hide and seek outside, riding her bike, and playing on her tablet. She enjoys going out to eat and some of her favorite foods include Mexican food, pizza, and Hershey bars. Carmen does not have a preference when it comes to living in the city or country. She is looking for a forever home with a mom and a dad and would like to be in a home with other children. Carmen loves animals and would prefer a home with pets. Carmen loves stuffed animals, jewelry, clothes, and candy. Her favorite colors are pink, red, and purple. She is doing well in school and enjoys making new friends. Carmen also enjoys playing sports like basketball, baseball and swimming.